ResultData class#

The ResultData class is created using the Result class. The Result class provides access to the result values contained in the Result object.

This example shows how to access displacement result values:

>>> from ansys.dpf import post
>>> from import examples
>>> solution = post.load_solution(examples.multishells_rst)
>>> displacement = solution.displacement()
>>> result = displacement.vector

Access the data

>>> result.get_data_at_field(0)
DPFArray([[ 2.24894986e-04, -8.06099872e-05, -1.17079164e-04],
          [ 3.15660284e-04, -3.30937021e-05, -1.18384868e-04],
          [ 1.03798114e-04, -4.58764713e-05, -4.35029024e-05],
          [-5.61467818e-04, -5.27197644e-04, -1.83607162e-04],
          [-1.09869605e-03, -1.22675467e-03, -5.62025059e-04],
          [-6.45438681e-04, -9.78889231e-04, -1.37273202e-04]])[, ...])

Provides the result data for a DPF Result object.