Request result on a specific path#

This example shows how you can request a result on a specific path of coordinates.

Perform required imports#

Perform required imports.

from ansys.dpf import post
from import examples

Get Solution object#

Get the Solution object.

solution = post.load_solution(examples.static_rst)

Create coordinates array#

Create the coordinates array to request the result on.

coordinates = [[0.024, 0.03, 0.003]]
for i in range(1, 51):
    coord_copy = coordinates[0].copy()
    coord_copy[1] = coord_copy[0] + i * 0.001

Create DpfPath object#

Create a DpfPath object.

path = post.create_path_on_coordinates(coordinates=coordinates)

Request result on path#

Request the result on this path.

stress = solution.stress(path=path)

Plot result#

Plot the result.

stress_eqv = stress.von_mises
08 result on path of coordinates

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